How I stumbled across hiking

It's funny. A lot of people ask me when I first started hiking. I can roughly remember that my initial interest was sparked four years ago, when I first discovered the Royal National Park. It was a warm day and I had decided to go swimming in Bundeena for a little bit of peace and … Continue reading How I stumbled across hiking

A Weekend Camping Down South

Last weekend, instead of the usual hike, a group of us decided to head down to Jervis Bay to camp at Bristol Point campground. On Friday night, we packed all the essentials (surprisingly a lot of gear, compared to ultralight trekking) and organised a car pool for the weekend. Unfortunately, due to busy schedules and … Continue reading A Weekend Camping Down South

A weekend learning to navigate

When I first started out hiking, I tended to pick hikes that were well marked and easy to follow. As I began to tick all these hikes off, I looked for more difficult hikes with better scenery and less foot traffic. As I went on, each trail became slightly less easy to follow and often, … Continue reading A weekend learning to navigate

What’s it like to live with anxiety

Anxiety is a funny word. Everyone knows what anxiety is, but hardly anyone really understands it. The reality is, it’s a very complex description for a term that affects one in four Australian's over their life. It affects so many people around us, including so many of your own family and friends. Some people are … Continue reading What’s it like to live with anxiety

Ice Climbing in Alaska

I've recently just returned from a 10 week trip to Canada and America. I was super lucky to spend two weeks camping throughout Alaska with Trek America. One of the highlights was visiting a remote town named McCarthy at the foot of the Wrangell Mountains. The town has a population of 28 and is only … Continue reading Ice Climbing in Alaska

An increasingly filtered world

As you are all aware, my interest (borderline obsession) with hiking has seriously climbed (see what I did there) over the last year. I've really tried to amp up my hiking and camping time to explore the bush and step outside of a somewhat stressful reality. In an increasingly filtered world, sometimes it can be … Continue reading An increasingly filtered world

How to get the best out of annual leave

So, i've recently been thinking long and hard about how best to optimise the very limited annual leave I am entitled to. Yes, four weeks sounds a lot, but really when it takes 24 hours to get anywhere, you've already lost two days. That doesn't even take into account the time zones or added time … Continue reading How to get the best out of annual leave

What’s been a great 3 months !

The best 3 months. I’ve recently just had the best three months of my life in Sydney. Although I am constantly researching the next trip to embark on and the next challenge, I’ve realised that I’m really happy in my current life.  I’ve always had this crazy internal battle with myself about working full time … Continue reading What’s been a great 3 months !

Can you do Alaska on a budget?

Before taking off to North America in April, I was very hesitant about the inclusion of two weeks in Alaska. Alaska is every travellers silent dream. It is home to indisputable wilderness and jaunted mountain ranges. It is so estranged from any major city or town that backpackers just struggle to justify the expense of … Continue reading Can you do Alaska on a budget?

6 Months Already?

Well, I have recently returned from 6 months of travel on the road! Seriously, what a journey. The last six months have been the biggest of my life. I cannot believe that it is July and I am back in Sydney, turning over a brand new page. In January, I took off with the Queen's … Continue reading 6 Months Already?